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Types of Markets

Types of Markets

A market is a unique phenomenon comprising of several features and characteristics based on its differentiation. It is essential to understand these markets to have a better glimpse of the economy. Markets may be unpredictable, volatile, and sometimes much more than your analysis. Hence read and understand these types of markets before you dig in further into the economy.

Infinite Buyers and Sellers

Buyers and Sellers

A market which consists of many small firms competing against each other may be known as perfect competition. It may be hard to find such markets in this day and time, but that does not mean they don’t exist. These firms do not have power over another as they do not possess the capability of controlling the prices. An excellent example of this kind of market is our very own stock market, a large number of groups which do not have the power to control the prices. Hence that sums up the perfect competition.

Monopolistic Competition

Any economic grad can sit you down and explain what a monopolistic competition is. A market where a vast number of firms compete against each other with the only difference being, they sell slightly different products. This technology provides them with the power to control the prices depending upon their product and its quality. At a market like this, consumers are the deciding factor as they are left with a list of choices. This market is similar to the automobile industry, as the industry manufactures a considerable number of cars with various features belonging to different companies, but at the end of the day, they are all cars and are used for transportation.



This market refers to a true king. A market where a single firm rules them all or a market where an individual controls the entire market is known as monopolistic competition. At this stage, the consumers are forced to come to the single manufacturer present, and hence, the firm has the upper hand. So these firms increase their prices without causing any changes to their level of output. An easy way to understand this kind of market is when you assume that only a single restaurant operates in your street and is the only one available in a 10km radius. Hence you are typically forced to go to these restaurants to satisfy your needs, giving the restaurant an advantage.


Oligopoly talks about a market structure which is controlled by a small number of firms facing limited competition. History has taught us that these firms either compete or collaborate to earn better profits. For example, consider the cable television services. It is a market which consists of very few players who operate within a particular area and does not cross each others paths.


Market Forces That Drive an Economy


Ask any investor, and he/she will clearly explain to you about the market forces that move any economy. These forces are similar for most economies, with changes in a few factors. For better knowledge about market trends and anticipatory movements, any new age investor should understand the market and what pushes it forward. So before learning those stock prices, first analyze these forces.

Supply and Demand

One of the fundamental forces which guide a market through time are the forces of supply and demand. These forces are the deciding factors for competition in any market. Supply is unique as it shares an inverse relationship with the price of a product. If the supply for a particular good increase, then its price is bound to fall. For example, if there are a massive number of qualified applicants in the field of content writing, then the starting salaries will reduce.

On the other hand, demand shares a direct relationship with the price of a product, if the demand increases, then the price increases, and so on. It’s primary market concepts which are bound to happen at any point.

The Government

The government is another major influencer and driving force for most of the markets. Being the ones who regulate fiscal and other such policies, governments generally own the competitive markets. Since governments are the only ones with the power to control these prices, they are a significant force that either pulls or pushes the economy.

New Entrants

New Entrants

Markets are not a place for a particular set of players. Instead, they are a place where anybody and everybody can enter. Markets provide bright entrance gates to various firms, especially when it comes to a situation where a particular firm enjoys a monopoly. New firms can enter and exit the market, but their survival depends on numerous factors such as quality, demand, and so on. These new entrants can either get destroyed entirely or will be the one who destroys competition.


Competition between firms and organizations are unique features belonging to particular markets. Competition can be useful, and sometimes competition can be the end for firms. The rivalry between firms depending upon their products provide incentives for firms to raise their standard and quality so that consumers may still prefer them. To stay alive during the competition, firms engage in several methods like reducing prices, improving quality, branding, etc.

International Affairs

An economy’s growth and the value of its currency depends on the flow of transactions and funds between countries. This constitutes and regulates a large part of our economy. If money is being brought in to the country, then that means a bright day for the economy, whereas as if money is being flown out, then that forms a weak economy.


What Should You Know Before Investing in Stock Markets?

Stock Markets

The stock markets are confusing and can be tricky for any new-age investor seeking to make a mark in the field. Although such initiatives are good, they mean nothing without prior research and analysis. Research into the market is essential to bring in return on your investments. Hence consider all these factors before making a considerable investment into the stock market.

Personal Finances

Before any investments, first analyze whether you can potentially achieve it, i.e., to sit and check all your expenses and gains and also check whether you have the required amount of investment to go forward with to avoid a situation of bankruptcy.



The stock market includes players whose prices differ from time to time and players whose rates don’t vary from time to time. Analyzing all the key players in the market based on the amount of your investment is necessary to further hold a grasp in the market. As companies go through different financial phases, their shares vary. Hence know where to put your money.

Net Income

Net Income

Research about companies or organizations is essential for the stock market. Such research will help in giving a keen understanding of the type of growth or downfall one is bound to witness. These researches should involve their net income for clarification of the same.

Understand the Risks

Once you have a clear winner in terms of where to invest, the next step is to understand all kinds of risk involved in the game. These risks may arise from the place your investing or even may arise from your part. Acknowledging them is critical for potential growth and sustainability in the market.

The Question of Liability

Investing in a company which has a tremendous amount of liability will cause a massive burden for yourself. Such companies are unpredictable, and their survival is questionable. Hence check their balance sheets for assets and liabilities.

Understand your Need

Any investment plan is taken based on the kind of return guaranteed. So understanding the type of performance you require is vital before you go forth making investments. Your requirements may be short term or long term profits, hence understand your primary motive.

Company History

Firms and organizations have a clear background. These backgrounds may be filled with innovative ways to reach the top or may be filled with scandals and court cases, hence make yourself aware of everything as companies are prone to a lot of factors prevalent in the economy. Understanding the history of any company will help you know the way it might function when put up against such elements.

The Backup

Always create a backup plan in the form of savings or funds in case things go the wrong way in terms of your investments. As situations are uncertain, a backup plan will be efficient when the real need arises.


Understanding Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behavior is a unique feature which many firms and organizations try to influence from time to time. Consumer behavior is unpredictable as it talks about the thought process and choices made by a particular individual. Hence it is typically not easy to influence an individual’s behavior. Therefore understanding their behavior and approaches is critical as a first step. So let’s begin following them.



The study of consumer behavior is a field mainly concerning psychology as it talks about ethics and seeking answers for drastic changes in them. This study tries to understand the main reasons behind alternatives and involves analyses of the type of experimentation a consumer goes through before making any purchases. At this point, consulting the factors which influence them is necessary. These may be factors which they come across daily or once in a while. Once you’ve understood all of this, a firm can manufacture its marketing campaign in such a manner so it will be able to grab the attention of consumers.


As another move to understand their behavior, data collection and feedback is essential. Such information tells you exactly where you went wrong in the campaign or how successful it was. Conducting surveys, Q&A sessions, focus groups, social media, etc. can be valuable tools in taking a step further into analyzing their behavior. Between these tools, utilizing social media is essential as it is a platform where consumers are more open and less formal. These platforms provide a sense of relief to the consumers, which let them open up to the world. Analyzing through collected data is necessary as it is the purest form of information available relating to a particular consumer. During such instances, ensuring that your data is valuable and correct is extremely important. Seeking false information in this regard will take you back to the beginning making data collection a failed move.

Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

Collecting insights and other related data to talk about their satisfaction levels is very important to maintain the credibility of your campaign. Using data about the campaign, one can make considerable changes to their advertisements, but collecting insights into the satisfaction levels of consumers is essential to decoding their behavior further and make significant changes to your product. The availability of choice is one of the main advantages any consumer has, and that plays a vital role in their behavior as some consumers can easily be influenced, and some cannot be easily influenced. Such factors is the differentiation part which firms and organizations should understand before selecting their target audience. During any portion of this stage, firms should consider product developments because, at the end of the day, the consumer is king.


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