3 Signs That You May Need To Call Termite Pest Control

Termite pest control is something that many people will need to call upon in their lifetime. These types of situations are all too common amongst properties across the country, and they can be very difficult to get rid of without professional help. These critters will often be found in the foundations and structures of houses, within the walls, and wherever else wood can be found. They are noisy eaters, and you can often hear them chewing away. This activity can significantly damage property, and potentially make it unsafe to inhabit. If a structure is eaten away at too much, it can cause damage which could make it weak and prone to collapse, endangering the residents of the property. This is obviously not the greatest outcome and is something that should be prevented at all costs. The damage that these critters can cause is major, and termite pest control should be called in if you see these signs.

Clicking sounds in the walls

Termite pest control worker spraying pesticide

Termite pest control should be called in if you can hear clicking in the walls. This clicking sound is the noise that they make when they bang their heads against the wood to signal their friends about danger. Furthermore, these little critters are quite noisy when they are chewing away at wood, and you will be able to hear this if you put your head to the wall. If you can hear any of these things, then this is a good indicator to call termite pest control. This noise you may be hearing is the sound of these critters eating away at your structure, and you can literally hear your house being eaten away. This is obviously not a great sound to hear and calling termite pest control in is definitely a good idea.

Seeing ‘white ants’

Termite pest control should be called in if you see white ants around the place. These critters will often look like white ants and can easily be dismissed as so. However, this is not the case and doing so could be detrimental, as you will be allowing them to roam around untreated. White ants is not a good sign at all, as it often means that you have too many of these critters, and if you see a few then there are likely many, many more around the house. This could mean that you have an infestation and your house will need to be treated as soon as possible by termite pest control.

If you have an inspection coming up

Termite pest control should be called in if you have a house inspection coming up, as this means that a builder will come to see if you have pests or not. You do not want your house to be known that you have pests, as it can reflect very badly on the property. A builder will be able to find any pests that live in the house, and they will report it and your house will not be eligible to be for sale, as it is a danger to have these critters munching away at the structure. If you have an inspection coming up, you should call in termite pest control to get your property inspected and then cleared up if anything is found.

In summary, termite pest control is something that should be taken seriously and called in if you experience any of the signs above. This includes clicking sounds in the walls, seeing white ants roaming around the house and if you have an inspection coming up. Termite pest control should be called in if you see these signs in your property.