Running Successful Online Mental Health Workshops—Basic Guidelines

Mental health illnesses have become a global issue, and this has given rise to many online mental health workshops that we have today. It’s not surprising that nearly 1 billion suffer from one disorder or the other. Most of these numbers are in low-income countries. And, alarmingly, more than half of that number don’t receive treatment. The reason for this is not far-fetched. 

First, most people don’t consider these types of illness to be of great concern. There’s little or limited awareness about it. Secondly, many people view people with these illnesses as lazy or inadequate. This has contributed to the major reason why people with it don’t seek help

Mental health—What is it?

So much has been said about these illness. What exactly are they? Why do we have so many online mental health workshops? Just like physical health, psychological issues could be described as a state of well-being that encompasses the emotional, social, and psychological aspects. Every day, every minute, people die from suicide. This is linked to these issues. 

What are online mental health workshops? 

Online mental health workshops, as the name implies, are where groups of people extensively discuss issues and share their experiences. It could be on social media platforms or over video calls. In addition, practical solutions are also discussed. The aim generally is to create and increase awareness of these issues.

How to run an online mental health workshop for working-class people 

Online mental health workshops can be run successfully if you have an internet connection, time, energy, money, and other resources. But, it can get a little complicated by that. 

  • The first step to take in the positive direction is to educate yourself first on these topics. Understand the role of psychology of people at the workplace and how their jobs affect them. 
  • Create a survey online and have people share it on various platforms. You may want to keep it anonymous so people will open up easily. 
  • Create a group, page, or conference call and promote it. 
  •  You may want to involve other resourceful people too who are well versed in these issues. Plus, some of them don’t render services for free. Therefore, you may have to set some money aside to pay them. 
  •  Decide how the workshop should go. Will it be a one-time event, a week, a month, or something you hope to do and continue for a long period? 
  • Create an outline for the discussion. While creating the outline, ensure to use real-life stories to encourage people to talk. Outlines such as “difficult conversations with an employee having an issue”, “how communication affects one’s mind”, etc., in online mental health workshops will bring positive results. 

Tips for a successful online mental health workshops 

Ensure you make it interactive enough. People don’t want to leave the session feeling they just listened to a PhD defence thesis. Secondly, after every session, follow up with your attendees by requesting their feedback. What do you know about online mental health workshops? We would like to hear from you!