The 4 Major Advantages of A 3PL Warehouse Over Lesser Alternatives

Many of us have heard the term 3pl warehouse without really giving it a second thought to how much of a difference it really makes to a business. So many small businesses and even larger ones with international and national storage and logistical needs have made use of the 3PL warehouse at one point or another, and without them, your packages would certainly not be arriving on time.

We’ve become dependent on a 3PL warehouse system without even realising it, and for a range of businesses around the world, they’ve become a saving grace, especially for the smaller ones. There are many smaller and up-and-coming businesses that don’t feel the need to be funneling money into the logistics, we disagree with this sentiment wholeheartedly.

A 3PL warehouse will assist in more ways than you think, especially when compared to standardised storage solutions that are currently a little cheaper, but much less encompassing.

1.   The Whole Package

Two workers working in a 3PL Warehouse

When we say the whole package comes with a 3pl warehouse, we really do mean it. The whole package consists of packaging goods for shipping, packaging the goods as well as dispatching them on your behalf to customers.

This is not only a worthwhile asset to have for the business, but for newcomers to the market, it can have a massive impact to have some experience in your corner when it comes to the smaller cogs in the machine so to speak.

2.   Scalable Without The Effort

The issue with scale often comes up with a 3pl warehouse when compared to a typical alternative, this is because of the pricing and headaches that often come with organising storage and logistics on your own, regardless of the business you’re running.

The best part of a 3pl warehouse is the scalability that occurs on your behalf, without any work to be done from your end. You’ll be charged for the space that you use instead of the whole space which is commonly the case with alternatives. The labour is equally measured out in terms of payment and directives, ensuring you’re never under or over-staffed.

Another aspect where this comes in handy with a 3pl warehouse is with the seasonal shifts of stock and inventory, which is a commonplace issue that a lot of businesses don’t always consider from the outset.

3.   Letting You Get On With The Job

Worker doing an inventory inside a 3pl warehouse

Alleviating the headache that is commonly associated with logistics is a major aspect and advantage to a 3pl warehouse being by your side, especially when starting out in the field it’s vital to focus more primarily on the business itself, gathering and establishing contacts for instance, working on the brand and the future prospects in lieu of the nitty-gritty mundane act of shipping and receiving.

Entrusting a 3pl warehouse to make sure these smaller aspects come to fruition is a wise one for any business, large or small.

4.   A More Affordable Long-Termer

The final aspect that brings a 3pl warehouse above the rest is of course the savings. While it may not seem like it from the outset, they do tend to save a lot more money in the longer run due to the efficiency in time and effort that they are able to achieve for you. This extends into the number of customers they can effectively serve in a professional manner, which in turn will increase your bottom line and yield you more profits, which is a major jump in the right direction. In the end, you have to spend a little money to make a lot more.