The Advantages Of Using Bongs Over Other Methods

Bongs have been around for many hundreds of years now and are not a new method of smoking. Joints used to be the preferred method of smoking; however, the popularity of bongs has grown exponentially in the more recent years due to the growing acceptance of Marijuana use and more smoke shops selling these wares opening up subsequently. Smoking from bongs is well-regarded to be a healthier way to smoke besides using a vaporizer or other electronic methods. This is likely due to the filtration of the smoke through the water and the subsequent filtration of carcinogens and other harmful substances. There are many varieties of different ones out on the market now, including standard which uses water to filter the smoke, ones that use ice to filter the smoke and provide a smooth hit, recyclers which use a two-chamber system to cool down the smoke, and percolators which provide extra levels of filtration and cooling.

Still not sold?

Here are the advantages of using bongs over other methods.


Produces smoother hits


Bongs producer smoother hits and that’s just a fact.

The combustion of cannabis is always something that makes people’s throats hurt from the smoke. This is especially true in methods such as smoking a joint/blunt or using a pipe. When using them, the smoke cools down when it hits the water due to the lowered temperature. This lowers the temperature overall before traveling into your lungs, making the hit much smoother. Whilst this doesn’t mean that you will not cough at all, it will certainly make the smoke much smoother in comparison to other methods of combustion and inhalation.


Better filtration

When anything is combustion and goes through the process of combustion, carcinogens are produced. These carcinogens are harmful to your health if inhaled and, by definition, can cause cancer. Some methods of smoking Marijuana produce carcinogens that are directly inhaled such as joints/blunts and pipes. Bongs on the other hand have water to filter some of the carcinogens out. They will not fully eliminate all carcinogens however they will reduce the number of them that you inhale due to the smoke being filtrated through the water. Moreover, water filtration will filter out other harmful substances that are produced as a result of combustion. This can include clumps of tarry ash, as this will be caught in the water.


They can reduce bacteria and mold

The filtration through the water helps to trap bacteria and mold, in order to reduce the number of microbes that you are inhaling. Many users of Cannabis will pass around joints/blunts, pipes and bongs around. The water filtration will help to filter out some of these contaminants and reduce the chance of illnesses being spread. In order to make this work best, the water should be washed out every different session that the bongs are used. Furthermore, a weekly clean using antibacterial alcohol wipes will help to kill any leftover bacteria left after the washout. Moreover, you can wipe down the mouthpiece in between every hit as you change users.


You get bigger hits

woman holding a bong in her hand

Using bongs means that you will get a bigger hit of smoke out of your stash.

You are able to fill the chamber with a large amount of smoke and take it all in one big hit. This can make the session more fun, and almost like a competition for some users. This is harder to do with different methods and not much can come close to big hits from bongs.


In summary, bongs are a great way to filter out carcinogens and other harmful substances that are produced as a result of the combustion of Cannabis.

It is a good investment for you and your friends smoke sessions.