Tips For Finding The Best Computer Desk For Your Needs

computer desk in a home workstation

Finding a good computer desk is more important than ever before with so many of us now working from home. Set your home office up the right way with a computer desk that’s perfectly suited to your needs.


Think about how you will use your computer desk

Workstations tend to be multi-purpose areas so it’s important to think about what kinds of tasks you’ll be performing there on a regular basis. If you’re planning to work mostly on your desktop then it’s a good idea to choose a computer desk designed with your desktop or laptop in mind. Opt for workstations with holes for wiring and electrical connectors to keep things looking neat, and look for ones where it’s easy to conceal your CPU. If you also plan to do the paperwork then you should prioritise workstation that has a good surface area, this will leave you room for piling up papers and books. You may also want to consider an ‘L’ shaped set up as this will help you to ‘zone’ your workspace while you are working from home, leaving room for paperwork, meetings, and your desktop or laptop.


Consider your working style and daily habits

Think about how you tend to work and what kind of space you need. If you tend to be messy or need a lot of tools during the day then opt for a good computer desk with shelves so that you have things close at hand when you need them. If you basically just need your laptop during the day then you might prefer to opt for a simpler, more streamlined space.


Think about ergonomics

Your workspace needs to be comfortable and ergonomically sound. Poor posture can cause injury and reduce your productivity. Your workstation should ideally provide plenty of clearance for your legs, if you’re very tall then you might want to opt for an adjustable model. You should also have a good amount of space behind you so that you can comfortably move around. Keyboards should be kept at a height that will allow users to type without muscle strain, if it’s too low a platform can be used to raise it. Equipment like your mouse and keyboard should be easily reachable and should be spaced apart so that you can comfortably use them.


Think about your computer desk surface

Think about the actual surface of your workstation as this will impact how comfortable it is to use. Laminate is a great option because it is very affordable and durable and will hold up well under regular use. Metal or steel surface will be the most durable options, they are a great option for high traffic workspaces – these are great if you’re a heavy desktop user. Timber or veneer surfaces are probably the most aesthetically pleasing options but do tend to require more maintenance and command a higher price tag. Wood will also get damaged more easily and so it’s not always a great choice for heavy use.


Think about quality

Be careful when choosing a workstation. Whilst low-quality products might seem like a good idea for their smaller price tags, they’ll just end up costing you more later and could make your life much harder. Go for a well-constructed product as this will make sitting there much more enjoyable. Look carefully at how well-constructed drawers and table legs areas you wouldn’t want it to fall apart after a short period of use and you’ll find a better put together workstation will last many more years. Cheap, low-quality items aren’t worth it.