Types Of Newcastle Storage Units

Looking into renting Newcastle storage units? It can be hard to choose what type best fits your needs, especially if you’ve never used one before.

From small and compact lockers to large spaces, indoor Newcastle storage units to outdoor, there are solutions for a range of requirements for items of every shape and size, so no matter what you’re looking to store you’ll no doubt find what you’re looking for.

Getting the right type is very important though, it needs to fit your needs in terms of making sure everything fits but you also need to think about security, access, price, safety and whether you need to store your things short or long term. Renting Newcastle storage units will come with different features, services and contract conditions. Beyond just looking at the options they have in terms of locking your things away, make sure you do your homework before you book.

To help with that, here is some detailed information on the different types of Newcastle storage units.


Long Term & Short Term

Depending on what you require, you may either need long or short term options. It’s important to consider how much time you need to store your possessions before you book. If you only need to keep things locked up for a short time then look for spaces that have no lock-in contracts, if you’re going on a holiday for an extended period or need more space to keep your possessions long term then look for places with affordable long term contracts – longer rental contracts often mean more affordable rates, no fixed contract gives you more flexibility however and means you can cancel more easily if any of your circumstances change or if you want to pull your items out in the future.


The size of Newcastle storage units

Self storage and mini storage garage units.

You will need to think about the size and shape of the space you plan to book and whether or not it is appropriate for your needs. Don’t go for anything too large if you’re only storing a few items – you’ll be pointlessly spending money on space that you’re not using. If you have large items to lock away then check the dimension of the space you’re looking to book, you don’t want to commit to a contract only to find that you can’t get things through the door. Luckily you can usually choose to increase or decrease your space but this will make things more of a hassle. You should also avoid picking a size that means you’ll need to stuff everything into your space – it’s important that you can easily access all of your possessions. Most facilities will have information about the different sizes available online and often you can book there as well. Look into guides on how much space you will need, for example, if you’re moving most 1-2 bedroom apartments will require a 2m x 3m space.


Indoor or Outdoor

Most facilities will provide both indoor and outdoor options. Outdoor spaces are usually used for keeping large items like cars, trucks, boats, vans or motorbikes locked away whilst indoor spaces are usually used for household items or other possessions that you’d like to protect from the elements.


24-hour access

Home stuff inside a self-storage unit

Many facilities offer 24-hour access to your items, but this isn’t always necessarily an option available so if it’s important that you can get to your items any time then you should definitely look into whether or not it is available.


What Newcastle storage units fit your needs?

Now that you’ve seen some of the different options available, what do you think suits your needs?