What To Expect From Divorce Lawyers In Sydney

For many people the first time they will have any real experience with the law and the court systems is when they contact divorce lawyers in Sydney, so it can be difficult to know what to expect from chosen professional and whether they are performing their job as well as they should. Divorce lawyers in Sydney can be expensive so it’s important that you’re getting good value for your money and a high level of service. Check out the below to see what your expectations should be once you contact divorce lawyers in Sydney;

Clear goals in mind

Your divorce lawyers in Sydney should have a plan and goals in mind when it comes to your matter. From the outset they should know what direction they want to take your matter in. For simple divorce matters this might be as simple as scheduling a date with your spouse or their lawyer to manage the settlement of the case, or it could mean drawing up financial documents or planning for a trial within a certain time limitation. Your specialist may not be able to give a clear indication of exact timelines because too many factors are dependent on the other side and how they want to handle matters but they should be able to tell you what they’re hoping to achieve or what they possible different scenarios might be. Professionals who don’t have a clear end goal in mind could waste your time or end up being very costly because there will be no clear endpoint in sight. The interests of clients should be first and foremost to your chosen professional and delays should be kept to a minimum.

Assets should be assessed

divorce certificate

One of the first things your divorce lawyers in Sydney should do is assess your financial situation and the shared pool of assets between you and your partner as this will help them start to work out how things need to be divided up. They should also be very particular about checking contracts agreements and documents to avoid wasting your time pursuing assets such as pensions that cannot be divided up.

Assess case requirements

Early on your chosen representative should assess what will be required for your case, will any lawyers be needed. For instance, will the value of businesses or homes need to be assessed by professionals? Is child custody expected to be contentious? Your representative may need to start looking into having someone available to testify for you very quickly.

Be ready to settle

divorce lawyer and client having an agreement

Your representative should be open and available to receive any settlement offers presented by your spouse’s representation and should communicate all reasonable settlement offers with you. They should also be able to effectively negotiate on your behalf.

Good communication

Your chosen representative should keep you up to date on any developments and check in with you on a regular basis by phone or email. Any letters or official legal documentation should be sent to you promptly via registered mail. When it comes to legal matters, good communication is key.


At all times throughout your case, your solicitor should be honest with you about what outcomes you should expect and what the likely outcome of the case will be. Experienced professionals will never promise a win but will give you an experienced opinion on the likely outcome based on what they have seen in the past. If your divorce lawyers in Sydney promise you the sun and moon then steer clear, a firm that overpromises is a recipe for the trouble they are likely more motivated by your money than results.